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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Basic Information:

O All commissions will be done digitally.
O Payment methods include DA points and Paypal transactions.
O Please send a note to me with details of your desired commission. As of this moment, I do not do design work, so references of your character, or at least a detailed description, are required. Alternatively, you may email me at if you prefer.
O Once payment is received, work on the commission will begin with regular updates on the commission's progress (sketch phase, lineart, coloring, etc)
O I retain the right to decline a commission for any reason.
O The finished commission may be posted to your own DA gallery, with credits linking back to me. I will post the finished commission on my own DA as well, though you may request that I do not.
O If you are uncertain about pricing, contact me and we can discuss it.
O If you need a refund for any reason, contact me. The quantity of the refund depends on how far along the commission is in the process. I may only give partial refunds to pay for the work put in to the commission at that point.


Colored Chibis

Single Character Price: 6$ or 600 :points:
Additional Characters: +3$ or 300 :points: per extra character

O Simple or no background available at same price

A Rose and a Kiss :: Colored by LeyRose CAotM: One fish, two fish by LeyRose Swings and Sun by LeyRose

Colored Headshots / Busts

Price: 9$ or 900 :points:

O Simple or no background available.

CS: Shaelynn by LeyRose CA: Sparkling Diamond by LeyRose Lonely Soldier by LeyRose

Colored Half-Body

Single Character Price: 14$ or 1400 :points:
Additional Characters: +7$ or 700 :points: per extra character

O Simple or no background available at same price
Veneer by LeyRose CA Quest 1: Kachina Pavati by LeyRose

Colored Full-Body (No Background)

Single Character Price: 18$ or 1800 :points:
Additional Characters: +8$ or 800 :points: per extra character

O Single color background is available at same price (IE, grey instead of white)

Radiant Sailor Carnelian Dragonfly :: Reference by LeyRose CA: Galactic Crossover by LeyRose Sailor Splash by LeyRose Sailor Crater :: Reference by LeyRose CA: Onesie Slumber Party! by LeyRose

Colored Full-Body (With Background)

Single Character Price: 24$ or 2400 :points:
Additional Characters:  +9$ or 900 :points: per extra character


G: Sailor Star by LeyRose CA Event: Meeting the Trinity by LeyRose CA: Three-Legged Bunny Race! by LeyRose

Lineart Coloring Commission

Price: Starting at 9$ or 900 :points:

Have a lineart or sketch you wish to have colored? A picture you wish you could see in color? I can do that for you!
O Price will be discussed and will be adjusted (increased or decreased) depending on complexity of the lines.
O Only available for pictures you have drawn or own, or manga/coloring book pictures.

Lineart Coloring Examples:
CA Event 1: An Unknown Face by LeyRose
Manga/Coloring Book Examples:
Shining Light :: Sailor Moon Manga Panel Coloring by LeyRose V for Venus :: Sailor Moon Coloring Book by LeyRose Snowy Rei :: Sailor Moon Coloring Book by LeyRose

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!
Thank you for your time!


[CA] Suit Yourself


Youma have begun attacking civilians in broad daylight* all across the globe! Now is the time to really see just how well you can hold your own in a real one on one fight!

Find the suit you’d like in the comments below and comment with what number you would like to fight against. And here’s the fun part! YOU get to design the youma associated with the suit and number you select! Then, draw your girl and youma going head to head and write about the encounter!


The cold wind slammed into her as she materialized, and Kachina winced. She glanced around, trying to find the best way to breathe against the unrelenting wind---the wind called to her, but the ice and cold mixed within it stung like poison, and for once, she recoiled away from it. Her heart hadn't stopped racing since the summons had rung out throughout the Caverns, but now its rhythm quickened even further.

Focus, she reminded herself. Focus. Take stock of things around you.

She stood outside a village covered in snow. The sun had just set beyond the horizon, leaving everything in a dusky greyness. For a moment, everything felt quiet and still. Kachina bounced on the heels of her shoes, uncomfortable. Was she in the right place? Had she messed up already?

Then the screams rang out, telling her exactly where she needed to be.

Kachina ran towards the sound, and hated the way her movements felt clumsy as each step plummeted her foot down into inches of bitingly cold snow. Her exposed skin reddened and burned. Her wings ached at the piercing wind, feeling betrayed by her own element. She pushed the thoughts away, stubbornly, and thought of why she was here. People needed her help. And her friends, the Trinity, they were all relying on her to do this.

Gah, how she hated to do it alone.

Something caught her attention, mesmerizing in just how wrong it looked amongst all the grey and the white. Deep red eyes shone out at her, and a crazed smile to match. She only caught a glimpse of a black dress before the being moved further into the dark forest.

"Gotcha," she said to herself, and then Kachina gave chase.

It felt good to be on the move, even if every one of those movements felt off, and slightly sluggish, and the cold struck out at her with unrelenting force. But at least she could move her legs, and even with hindered abilities, she was still quick.

She caught up with the creature as they broke out into a clearing, surrounding by the shadows of trees and a budding night sky.

"Stop right there!"

The creature obliged, turning to face its new opponent, and Kachina was taken aback by just how human the thing looked. The creature had a human shaped face, pale hair done up in twisting loops, pinned in place with an metal pin with the number 5 emblazoned upon it. The creature even wore a long flowing black dress and small black gloves on both hands. But the skin was grey and dead, the eyes far too red and glowing. And the way it moved... unnatural and nearly robotic.

It laughed then, and Kachina began to summon her magic, not letting this thing get the better of her. The comforting warmth of her magic flowed into her, bolstering her against the cold as she got ready to summon her first attack.

The creature laughed again, and in an instant, it was moving, morphing as it came closer. The laugh rang all around her, as those gloved arms lengthened and changed into weapons.

Blue eyes widening, Kachina instinctively attempted to dodge the attack, using her wings to jump high into the sky to avoid the incoming cudgel-like arms. But her wings were heavy and useless, coated in ice and snow, and she only had a second to realize her mistake as both blackened weapons came swinging at her.

The impact forced all the breath from her lungs as she went plummeting backwards into the snow. Kachina groaned, holding her left side---it had taken the full brunt of the attack, and even just breathing seemed to give her trouble as a sharpness pierced her with every movement---though several parts of her body ached from the blunt attack.

And the creature was already swinging for another round.

Changing tactics, Kachina summoned her magic in a different way. "Glittering Twister!" she called out as she sent the sparkling teal winds at her enemy, while at the same time, moving out of the way of the creature's bludgeoning arms.

The creature being caught in the vortex of her magic bought her a few precious moments, and allowed her to get out of the way just in time.

Unperturbed, the creature laughed again, readying for another try, though the twisting winds seemed to be making it difficult for the creature to get a handle on such a stretched out weapon.

Kachina knew she didn't have unlimited magic---she was no where near powerful enough for that---and if she used up too much of her energy in defense, there'd be no way she'd ever defeat this thing. She had to outright attack, and hope she could kill this thing before her Glittering Twister wore out.

Her side screamed at her as Kachina moved into a better position to summon a new attack. Before she could get the proper words out, the slammed into her back, throwing her to the ground once more. She cried out, but struggled to her feet. Slowly, painfully slowly. She hated this sluggish feeling, the accompanying pain that went with it. The snow and the cold and the attacks. What good was she if she didn't have her agility?

Get it together, Kachina told herself. The creature was still caught in her vortex, but it wouldn't last much longer. She had to act now. She couldn't fail in this, not like last time.

"Soaring Blast!" The strong teal winds gathered potency as it picked up snow, rock, and ice on its path to the enemy. It swirled and raged as it raced towards the creature, plummeting everything it had into the still-caught enemy. The resulting blast pushed the creature as well, slamming it into one of the trees.

The creature was down, struggling, and although it laughed again, this time its voice barely carried. With a kind of renewed energy---despite just how weak she felt---Kachina summoned the same attack again, focusing it on a different path so that those magicked winds would still collect power along the way.

This time, the creature screamed, long and drawn out, until there was only silence and icy wind.

Kachina didn't move for several minutes. She waited, and watched. She fought her instinctive urge to move, to bounce on her toes, to do anything---and just waited. She couldn't afford to move right now. If the creature wasn't truly defeated, then she would need all of her remaining energy to fight.

But those minutes passed and she remained alone. Slowly, Kachina let her body relax, wincing as she noticed her wounds once more as a violent shiver shook her body. She was going to go home and get into the tub and never leave those nice hot waters ever again.

She made her way over to where the creature had fallen. The metal pin in the creature's hair, the one with the number 5, lay half-buried in the snow. Kachina reached out with agonizing movements, and picked it up. As she stared at it, her thoughts wandered. How were the others faring against these monsters? She thought of her friends. Of Kyung-Mi.

And Ruby. 

Worry pulled at her, a tight vice around her chest. Were they okay? Had their fights gone well? What if they didn't come back?

Closing her eyes, heart beginning to race again, Kachina clutched at the pin in a tight grasp and teleported back to the Crystal Caverns.

She'd skip that hot bath for now, and wait for everyone to return.


I had the 5 of Clubs!

This was a fun thing to do, and I'm pretty happy with the picture! I haven't done a big full piece like this in a while, and it felt even easier to do than normal and I think that's great xD I feel like the story got a little rambley, but I still kind of like it anyway hahah xD I'm super happy I got it on time, as Real Life Stuff has made it hard to art in general. But I think I'm getting a grasp on things again, and want to dedicate some time to catching up because I seriously just LOVE CA so much D: <333333 :heart:

Also, I just want to hug every single one of our senshi because of this prompt D: Cuddle party in the Caverns after this, I think!!! <3

Kyung-Mi (mentioned) belongs to WingsForDreams
Ruby (mentioned) belongs to SailorAlcyone
Kachina / Sailor Carnelian Dragonfly and art belongs to LeyRose
All of which are a part of :iconcrystalanimamates: which is run by SailorAlcyone and iCheddar
[CA 2nd Anni] Pin The Bow On The Senshi

Not my art! This was drawn by the always wonderful SailorAlcyone! This is just for an anniversary event on :iconcrystalanimamates:

I wanted her to have a cute little bow bracelet hehe <3
Gleeful Steampunky Ruby
Ahh, I love Ruby!!! <33 I wanted to use her in my practices, and she demanded to be put in her steampunk attire haha <3 She was drawn on a yellow post-it note so that's why it's so bright xDD! I imagine she just got permission to dress another person up in steampunk haha <33

Ruby / Sailor Ruby Salamander belongs to SailorAlcyone
She's a part of :iconcrystalanimamates: run by iCheddar and SailorAlcyone 
Bashful Kachina
Been practicing expressions and traditional recently and Kachina is one of the victims this time! I love this pinky-purpley pencil, it's fun to use! Also, I'm imagining Ruby is involved in this interaction in some way or another xD!

Kachina / Sailor Carnelian Dragonfly belongs to LeyRose
She is a part of :iconcrystalanimamates: which is run by iCheddar and SailorAlcyone <3
Pink Power :: Sailor Moon Manga Panel Coloring
Wow, it's been a long time since I've done a panel coloring! I did this one as a part of three gifts for my secret santa over on the SM forum I'm a part of! Was pretty happy with how it came out <3! I love doing power poses and glowy bits and trying to make it look all magical haha xD It was a lot of fun to do one of these again - I love coloring Love 

Sailor Moon Panel and Universe belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Scan credited to Miss Dream
Colors by LeyRose 



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey! I am just a girl who loves to color and draw things. I am still learning with every picture I complete, and hope to continue to further my experience :3

You can find me on AnC as well!…



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